• Our mission is to manage your investable assets and to assist you in making intelligent, informed decisions on how to achieve long-term growth and capital appreciation in your investment portfolio.
  • Harvey & Companies, Inc., is a registered investment advisor focused on assisting you and family – including any pension or profit sharing plans – to achieve your financial goals.
  • We offer investment management services which stress fiscal responsibility and disciplined economic decision-making, ultimately designed to protect your monetary needs for today, tomorrow and in the future. We provide this service through:

    • An investment approach that integrates both active and passive investment management strategies to take advantage of the current economic environment.
    • The design of an asset allocation guideline unique to your pre-defined goals and objectives.
    • Risk management strategies that reduce the fluctuations and volatility of investment returns based on your risk management strategies necessary to attain your financial goals.
    • Monitoring the investment performance of such management strategies.

    Earning your trust and confidence is a great compliment. We understand that when this is accomplished you are at peace knowing your financial affairs are being managed and that we have your best interests in mind.
  • We get to know you through one-on-one consultations to discuss issues such as your current income and expenses, career and personal goals, investment return expectations and prior investment experience. In addition, we may request that you complete a profile questionnaire to provide us a picture of your financial needs.

    With the complexity of today’s marketplace it is critical for us to understand who you are and what you want to accomplish financially. We must have a clear picture of your unique financial composition and risk tolerance. This will enable us to develop a successful investment plan and a tailored asset allocation guideline.

    Our meeting with you to discuss your finances will help to eliminate much of the guesswork in achieving the security and independence you desire and simplify your financial alternatives. In return we will have:

    • Defined and narrowed objectives and investment options;
    • Identified areas of greatest distress;
    • Developed a strategy for addressing concerns about the future;
    • Cultivated peace of mind;
    • Created a unique picture of your overall economic personality.

    Once your financial parameters have been identified, we will prepare a recommended allocation plan that outlines what asset mix is most suitable for your unique investment expectations and risk tolerance. This allocation plan will guide us in the management of your account(s), and as a standard against which to measure future results and to make modifications where necessary.